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Hard-Ass Is HereBlade Carr and Wyatt Smith are bodyguards from rival agencies who can't stand each other.Blade is a young omega who thinks, Wyatt, a slightly older alpha, is arrogant and disrespectful. And Wyatt believes Blade is nothing but a cocky punk. When Wyatt receives a death threat, the powers that be decide the last place anyone will look for Wyatt is at Blade's house.

Both men dread spending time together and are shocked when, despite their dislike of one another, they are suddenly physically attracted to each other. When they give into their lust one night, Blade just wants to pretend the perplexing night of passion never happened, but when the younger omega discovers he's pregnant, the two men are forced to form a closer bond as they try to find a way to come together for the child.

This is a heartwarming, but steamy 55,000 word story featuring a non-shifter Alpha/Omega world and contains mpreg (male pregnancy). This is a standalone fated-mate story, and book one in the Bodyguards and Babies Mpreg series.


June 2017
Wynne Wynne Publishing
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Trade paperback/Novella
June 2017
Wynne Wynne Publishing
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