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S.C. Unleashes Back-to-Back
Christmas Goodies

Exciting news! S.C. Wynne has not one but two Christmas stories coming out the same week.

On December 10, 2013. Hard-Ass Christmas, the sequel to her first story Hard-Ass is Here, is coming from Loose Id. It takes up where the first story left off, with Taylor and Phillip exploring what their new relationship is during the Christmas holiday.

Then, S.C. has a short story, Christmas Crush, being released by Evernight Publishing the very next day. It's a sweet story about bookworm, Peter Harris, who gets roped into a blind date on Christmas Eve. While they're fending off drunks he meets Chase Bennett, impossibly cool and for some odd reason seemingly interested in Peter. Is it possible Peter will find real life has more to offer than his stories ever could?

Lanyon Checks Out S.C.'s Anatomy

Or something like that. Over on Just Jushin', Josh Lanyon is getting up close and personal to S.C. Wynne.

In a proposed multi-part series,"Anatomy of a Writing Career", the noted M/M author explains: "One of the things I hear again and again from new (and even seasoned) writers in our genre is the inability to gauge where you are versus where everyone else is on their career path. What is normal? What is successful? When should you worry? When should you celebrate? Can you ever slow down and take a breath?... So I thought it might be both fun and interesting to track the steps of a completely new M/M author for one year.

In the first quarterly installment, Josh grills on such topics as her upcoming books and the temptations of drinking red wine and wearing pajamas all day, as well as eking out the confession that she's not actually sure what she's doing.

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